• ALA 2013 is Almost Here! Time to Pack!

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    Last year, I did a little Pinterest board showing some of the items I was planning to pack in my suitcase for ALA 2012. Mostly, it served the purpose of getting me organized and made it less likely I’d forget stuff. I got some feedback that it was interesting and/or helpful to others, though, so I’m doing an updated board for ALA 2013.

    Some notes on the things I’m including, for those of you who might wonder.

    1. Yes, I do tend to wear impractical shoes. Usually the first tip from experienced conference goers is to wear comfortable shoes. Unfortunately for me, I have a personal weakness for the perfect shoes, and I can’t bring myself to leave them behind. But here’s how I survive:

    • Never, EVER wear the same shoes two days in a row. Not even the same heel height. You will die.
    • Don’t bring cheap shoes. They should be well made and fit you well. The cheapos will kill your feet.
    • Using a friction stick will help prevent rubbing on parts of your feet. No blisters!
    • If your shoes don’t fit you perfectly and slide around AT ALL, get some insoles or heel slip pad thingys to adjust the fit. You will thank me.
    • Gel insoles. <3
    • TOP TIP: Carry a pair of fold up flats in your bag at all times. Slip them on if you have to walk for any distance outside the conference center.

    2. Color scheme. I usually establish a single color palette for the week if I can. That way, I can more easily swap out pieces if I need to, and accessories such as bags and shoes can work with  multiple outfits. This year, I’m planning to go mainly beige with pastels, although my New York self can’t resist throwing a bit of black in there, too. :)

    3. Power. Library conferences tend to be gadget heavy these days. Keeping an external power source and/or cords to keep your toys charged is a must. It’s a bonus if you bring stuff that has enough ports/outlets so you can share.

    I’ll be adding more to this board as ALA 2013 draws closer, so feel free to make suggestions and remind me of what I’m forgetting.


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