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    For anyone interested in going beyond fundamental UX Web design in to more data-driven analysis and development, check out this ebook by Gary Angel.

    I recently read an article by him discussing the trend in ecommerce from page-based analysis to optimization based on product set data and marketing. Intrigued by the ideas he outlined there, I decided to check out his book, The Future of Digital Measurement and Personalization, which is really a set of whitepapers on Web analytics, measurement, personalization, and marketing.

    I’m a huge data nerd, so this was an interesting read for me, especially when it comes to the focus of how to actually USE the digital data collected to drive the customer experience and conversation. All too often, I feel like libraries and other non-profits get really hung up on developing methods to collect data, without ever taking much action to leverage the data they collect in a way that furthers their mission.

    The section on Non-Profits using data from Google Analytics to actually take action and improve branding and engagement struck me as the most directly applicable to libraries, especially in providing real tactical advice for optimizing you organization’s Web presence. If you’re using Google Analytics to track page and search data, it’s definitely worth a read.

    But even more interesting are the whitepapers that look at moving beyond the straightforward page analytics towards optimization using a more complex data set that relies heavily on product set data.

    If anyone else in LibraryLand has read this or other literature on the topic, I’d love to hear your take on how we might be able to translate this stuff into our world. I have some ideas, but also some very real practical concerns about maintaining privacy, data warehousing, and the challenges of analyzing digital data. Additional reading suggestions also much appreciated.


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